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Finding a carpenter/ joiner

With Plentific, not only can you quickly generate a list of the best carpenters in your local area, but you can also access customer reviews and easily compare prices and information.

When hiring a carpenter or joiner you want to be sure you have confidence in your decision. Take measurements beforehand and have a clear idea of what you want before talking to a tradesperson, and be sure that they are someone you will be comfortable working with.

What do you need to know about finding a carpenter/ joiner?

First be aware of exactly what you need done. A carpenter will have experience in building and maintaining wooden structures, while for specialist jobs such as building and repairing stairs and door frames you will need a joiner. Know about the job at hand and discuss it with your potential choices to make sure they are right for the job. Being able to talk about the job should help your choice give you a quote, and they may even be able to suggest ways for you to save money.

When comparing your choices, look out for their qualifications. There are a number of organisations that a carpenter or joiner might be a member of, such as the Institute of Carpenters (IOC), the British Woodworking Federation (BWF), the Guild of Master Craftsmen, and the Federation of Master Builders (FMB). All have strict entry requirements and standards that can help prove the level of professionalism and experience a choice can offer you. Many will have done apprenticeships or vocational courses in carpentry, but make sure they also have a decent amount of experience. It would also be wise to check customer reviews to confirm this.

After assessing the job your choice will usually offer either a fixed quote or an hourly rate for their work. If they need to bring in other labourers, check their qualifications too and whether this will incur extra costs. The same goes for if they need to bring in additional parts or equipment.

Before making your final selection, ask your choices about their insurance and guarantees relating to accidental damage, as well as your options in the event that you are unhappy with the finished project. Established and experienced tradespeople will have policies in place for resolving such disputes that they will be able to lay out for you.

A good joiner or carpenter will be able to provide all of this information. If they cannot or are reluctant to do so, it would be wise to look elsewhere.

What does a carpenter/ joiner do?

Make sure you are aware of the distinction between carpenters and joiners: carpenters are responsible for building and maintaining wooden structures, while a joiner’s role is more specific to certain building elements such as stairs, door frames and window frames. The roles can often overlap, so be certain you know exactly what you are looking for.

How much does it cost to hire a carpenter/ joiner?

The cost of hiring a carpenter or joiner depends heavily on the job at hand. Factors such as the materials required, the time needed for completion, accessibility, the complexity of your project and potential complications will all influence the price. You may also have to pay extra for rush jobs. Should your choice need to bring in expensive materials, or if it is a long term job, they may ask for some sort of deposit up front. This is not unreasonable, but remember to ask about their policies for if you are unsatisfied with their work after payment. Otherwise, payment will usually be expected once the job has been completed. It is important to discuss your project with your choice before starting, as they may be able to point out cheaper alternatives for you.

Latest Carpenter / Joiner Jobs

Corinne L.

I'm looking to have a nook built under my stairs with some cupboard space and shelves I have some ideas from Pinterest I just need to know if it's viable and how much. Thank you Corinne

Siying in E16

Hi I'd like to renovate my staircase. It is currently a carpet one. Could you place help me replace the carpet including the landing to wooden/ laminate floor? Could you please also help replace the storage downstairs into something below? please see example of what i'm looking for below: (first pic) (for staircase) In addition, I'm also hoping to build two wardrobes, one is around 2.9m wide * 2.35m tall, the other is around 1.5m wide * 2.35m tall. Both with plain white sliding doors. For the internal, id like to have lots of hanging spaces, similar to the one below Please let me know how much Each item will cost? Thank you!

Mrs I.

Provide new bedroom doors, fitting and hanging included.

Alexandros in KT13

As dercibed above I'm about to plaster walls for top foor bedrooms and need to change doors with new (most probably ready made ones) I would like a quote for the labour involved. Also considering solution for the rest of the internal doors in the house i.e. +2. also 2 wardrobe doors that need replacing as well.

Latest Carpenter / Joiner Reviews

by Nick F.
Very good job done on repainting my house exterior. The painters were polite professional and did everything to spec.
by David H.
Pavel and Miroslaw reconfigured a cast iron drain stack to provide for an new toilet location. They had to revise the design whilst working as unexpected obstacles were uncovered as they were working. They still did a excellent job very quickly and left the work area clean and tidy. Good customer service and reasonable rates. I would have no hesitation in using them again.
by Bfilzek ..
What is outstanding about the men that work for LD Property Services is the personal qualities they bring, they are polite, kind, thoughtful and so hard working. They take pride in their work and will stay later to finish something off or prepare for the next day, they've also worked a couple of Saturdays.
by Anonymous
Gavin is always a pleasure to deal with. On this job Gavin's guys were very punctual and completed the painting work to a high standard within timeframe and price quoted. I would use Gavin and his team again anytime